At Cultural Arts Academy Charter School, we allocate 1.5 hours daily for math instruction, and this time is often integrated into the programme of inquiry. Standard foundational grade level math skills are taught at every grade level. The IB program brings the important added layer of math explored through the lens of the units of inquiry. Stand-alone math classes cover the grade-specific math skills, while the PYP provides real world applications of these learned skills. Math at CAACS exists as an essential readily applied skill.

Every grade level has at least one inquiry unit in their programme of inquiry that requires them to apply math related skills in their creation of their formative and summative assessments and projects.  

Cultural Arts Academy uses Engage NY as the core curricula for mathematics. As a supplementary resource we also utilize Math in Focus (i.e. Singapore Math).  This program, in alignment with the Common Core Standards and International Baccalaureate Scope and Sequence, are focused on providing scholars with a rich learning experience that meets their individual needs. Daily double blocks of mathematics provide scholars the time necessary to not only learn the core elements of the subject, but also develop their critical thinking skills through guided math centers, games, flash cards, manipulatives, and computer software.