Instructional Leadership Team

Instructional Collaboration

The instructional staff of Cultural Arts Academy Charter School meets frequently as a team.  Instructional leaders, general professors, and specialized professors design our learning units and assessments collaboratively.  The input of each of our team members is valued. By modeling this consistent synergy, we can expect the same cooperation in our students.

Instructional Leadership  

We have a group of leaders in our school with extensive classroom experience who are a direct support to our teachers.

Dean Christina Doerrlamm - Virtual Instruction Specialist

Dr. Laurie B. Midgette - Founding Principal / Head of School

Dean Anthony McLaurin - Mathematics Instructional Specialist

Dean Nicole Odigie - English Language Arts Instructional Specialist  

Dean Sirece Thomas - Arts Integration Specialist
Dean Joy Thompson - Director of Content and Curriculum

Grade Level Teams

We recognize the importance of supporting our lead teachers, as they are the direct support to our students.  We recognize that our specialized teachers are lead teachers in their own regard for music, drama, visual arts, dance, physical education/health, and Spanish.  For this reason, we make an effort to include our special teachers and instructional leaders in our grade level meetings. The purpose of the grade level meetings are to plan for the delivery, facilitating, and assessing of our transdisciplinary inquiry units and common core standards in both general classes and in the arts classes.