English Language Arts, Social Studies

The English Language Arts program at Cultural Arts Academy is designed to provide a rigorous learning experience and develop a community of life long readers and writers. It is our belief that reading and writing is the foundation of learning and an essential component of the learning experience. Each day begins with D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time before scholars are actively engaged in a variety of literacy-based activities in each of their subject area classes. During their literacy block scholars interact with authentic texts and participate in a balanced literacy model based on components of word study, reading instruction and writing instruction. Using the Readers and Writers Workshop all scholars are able to work at their ability level in highly engaging learning experiences.


The Social Studies curriculum at Cultural Arts Academy Charter School is designed to align with the New York State Common Core Standards, foster a global awareness/perspective, a strong moral compass with an appreciation and empathy for the diversity of cultures encountered in study, and a civic mindedness passionate for community outreach. Daily application of reading, writing, the arts, and technology are integrated into the study of history, geography, economics, government and civics.  Differentiation is embraced as scholars are given multiple choices in their assessments to express their mastery of content through multi-media, the arts, poetry, and rigorous forms of writing. Assessment drives the pace of instruction and scholars are afforded multiple entry points to reach mastery level of the content. CAA graduates will be adequately prepared to continue their education, be global leaders, and difference makers in their local community.