English Language Learners (ELL)

The purpose of the CAACS ELL Program is to facilitate our scholars’ english language development as they acquire content area knowledge. In order to accomplish these goals, the CAACS ELL program has been designed to utilize a combination push-in and pull-out model with instruction being aligned to our research-based curricula and Common Core Standards.

The pull-out model enables scholars to have individualized instruction in a small group environment. During the sessions, each student is able to engage in listening, speaking, reading and writing as facilitated by the ELL teacher. A guided reading book is selected to align to each theme.

In the push-in model, scholars are provided with support as they experiment with newly acquired language skills in a larger group while engaging in their classroom activities.

Aligning the ELL curriculum strategies and methodologies with the general education curricula enables English Language Learners to "make sense" of what is being taught in their classrooms. The utilization of songs, poems, hands-on activities, "English Language Learner friendly" content based literature, and proven second language learning strategies and methodologies make the content of the classrooms more accessible. Scholars develop their skills in all four modalities: listening, speaking, reading and writing.