Family Specialist

Family Specialist - Dean Williene Battle


The Family Specialist is part of the administrative team that works for the school. The Family Specialist works closely with school staff, the parent association, CAACS families, and the parent advisory council to engage our CAACS families and involve them in the school community. She is charged with identifying issues of concern to families and working with school leaders to ensure that these issues are addressed in a professional and timely manner.
The Family Specialist also helps parents understand the educational process and is available during regular school hours, and after school.  The goal of the position of Family Specialist is to work interactively between the school and parent community fostering a partnership that leads to academic success for our children. The Family Specialist is responsible for encouraging and promoting active involvement by the families in their children's education and making school more welcoming to the families. In addition to the Principal and the staff, the Family Specialist is an important point of contact for families of the school. Unlike parent volunteers working in a school, the Family Specialist is on staff and can work within the school to direct the families to the appropriate places where they can find the information they are seeking.

Parent Resource Center

The mission of the CAACS Parent Resource Center is to support parents and families with compassion and respect, while building stronger and healthier families by offering mentoring and parenting education to parents and families.
The Center provides:
  • A place to learn  
  • An opportunity to share ideas about parenting 
  • Help with problem-solving your parenting concerns
  • Resources that support families
  • A pleasant school experience where parents and families are valued and respected